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Zenit & Leica Collaborate on New 'M' : Coming Back With a New Rangefinder

Photography Equipment

  • 29 Sep, 2018
  • 132

The Russian camera brand Zenit has announced their full-frame mirrorless camera. They are back with the full frame digital rangefinder. They introduced their new design in collaboration Leica, during Photokina 2018. It is currently gathering the 24MP full frame Zenit M rangefinder alongside the M 10. Zenit looks pretty cool to the eyes and its crooked curve of the top plate act as an optical vision, making M look slightly slimmer than the original Leica. The camera is almost identical from Type 240. The live view and HD movie recording is another feature of it. The camera has a removable base plate with same battery and memory card features. The camera will be mostly available in two shades black or chrome finish. It will be shipped early in the next year and designed completely by Leica, the Zenitar 35mm F1.0 and built entirely in Krasnoyarsk. 


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