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The World of Drones


  • 18 Sep, 2018
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What about capturing the utmost beauty of the world by flying across and capturing the best angle for the subject… Isn’t it interesting?

It wasn’t ever easy to capture the stunning aerial images before the emergence of drone photography. Taking photographs by moving camera in the air was just a myth. Drone brought a revolution in the field of aerial photography; the remote controlled flying camera.

Drones help to capture a new angle for the photograph than what we have seen from the beginning. Now, most of the professionals seek the  help of drones to capture the best possible images, even from places where man could not reach. 

Why should you use a Drone?

•Fly By Shots:
Drones enables to fly around the subject that is to be shot, whether it’s a person, river, building or anything. It helps to capture the best possible photograph at its best angle, even with the minute details.

•The High Pan Shot:
Drones have revolving camera which helps to shoot left to right and right to left; to capture a high pan image of landscapes and surroundings. The camera is pointed straight down, which is difficult to do with a handheld one.

•Fly Through Your Shot:
Capture a little bit longer videos than the shot requires, which will eventually enables the editing options.

Tricks that every drone users should know

The basic of drone photography is to scan the entire area and look for what is to be focused.
•Birds Eye:
Taking aerial photography through pointing the camera’s eye downward and flying to take landscape of the cities, buildings etc,
•Fly Across:
Drone helps to fly across even between the narrow space, beneath the bridge, between two peaks etc thus get a really awesome clicks.
Against Shot:
Usually used on capturing the photograph of a moving object against its direction.

How to take great photographs with drones

Taking photographs in raw format gives more colour precision, details in the shadows and highlights, even if the surrounding is bright or dark. Also take into consideration about the proper exposure, do not overexpose the images because overexposed parts cannot be rescued.
Take panoramic images from the sky. Set the camera in portrait mode and then take overlapping images until you get all the way round. Then import in lightroom or any other software which can handle that and thus create an awesome panoramic image.
Do not crop your image, drone could fly anywhere so there is no need of cropping the image.

Drones are a powerful tool in the photography industry, which helps to create unique and most beautiful photographs in no time and from the sites which are out of reach to us. 
Explore into the world of drones and do not miss out the beauty of the world.



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