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The GoPro Fusion-Camera on Action

Photography Equipment

  • 20 Sep, 2018
  • 150

GoPro fusion is the new one in the set of GoPro action cameras. It’s a 360-degree action camera with two ultra wide angle lens which captures everything around it in a very clear view. It provides almost  HD view of the pictures. These are the cameras designed to capture things in the challenging conditions. It can capture high-resolution 5k videos in a single shot and has an awesome over capture mode which will not miss any sequence. Overcapture allows to turn the 360-degree capture video into a normal mode, it also has a good 360-degree audio system. The GoPro’s mobile app is quite interesting and satisfying features which help to edit the pictures in on spot. Fusion has a good stabilization this time. 
GoPro’s fusion is the most extensive and costly camera among the set.


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