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Photography & Branding


  • 29 Aug, 2018
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How to differentiate your photographs from others? This will be one of the questions that every photographer might have thought at least once. In this article, we will help you to brand yourself and your photographs. 

Photographs are something that is visually appealing and thought-provoking, which helps to carry us to the memories of our life. It’s actually a silent language which preserves our beautiful moments of life in just one single click. Professional photography is actually one of the best ways of brand building. The first and foremost step to create brand awareness is to create an image among people. It is really a tiresome and long process to create a brand resonance in peoples mind.

Branding is not just a term; it acts as a touch point to reach the ultimate customer. Branding is a way by which a product (in our case it’s your photographs) gets resonated in the minds of the consumer. From a photographer’s perspective; photography is a beautiful representation of 3-dimensional scenes into a 2-dimensional image without affecting the quality of real objects. This uniqueness can propel your brand to a high edge, which distinguishes yourself from the rest, thus, branding of you and your photography helps you to standalone or position yourself among others.

Branding you and your photography seem to be a little awkward right? How can I brand both photographs and myself at the same time? Yes, you can, as a photographer, your brand builds on your photographs. So it’s important for a photographer to differentiate and brand his photographs to create a space of his own. 

Apart from owing strong photographic skills, a strong brand needs to hold the people for a long haul. The first step toward building a brand is creating a brand identity. Brand identity is what distinguishes oneself from another. Every individual is different in his own ways, but building a strong brand identity by recognizing the target customer and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) helps the photographers to create new aspects into the brand identity. As a photographer you should point out your USP in every photograph, for example, there are photographers who portrait a black and white touch in every photograph they take, there are others who take photographs, which resembles nostalgia in everyone’s mind. So what is your USP?

Social media platform helps photographers to iterate into the real world of branding. It gives an opportunity for exposing themselves to the audience flock. Unsplash is another way of grabbing exposure into the real world. Unsplash allows everyone to freely use high-resolution photographs which are generously contributed by millions of photographers. The photographers do not get any payments for the efforts they have taken. 

Amgrapher, a recent upcoming social media platform enables photographers to communicate to the world by capturing the moments and let others enjoy the beauty. This platform enables to explore the possibilities of the finest photography in different dimensions and diversity. Amgrapher the social media platform for photographers provides a single place to fulfil the necessities of what every photographer would ask for. Amgrapher also offers workshops, meetups and opportunity search for photographers to connect them with eminent photographers.

Amweb the website builder platform is exclusively for photographers to build their own website without the complexity of coding and designing. which helps photographers to build an identity apart from a social media platform.

Thus, a brand identity is what sets you unique from the world of competitors. Photographers can brand themselves by placing on websites, posting on social media platforms etc. This enables them to create awareness among the people and to create a personal brand which distinguishes them from the rest and helps to grab more opportunities.



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