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Photo Memories in Digital Era


  • 16 Oct, 2018
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Every photograph is a memory which conveys a story. Nowadays photography has become a normal thing, it is all about capturing beautiful images, and letting it go off. The real beauty lies in preserving it and making it a memory. We can document the whole life on the go by just tapping on the phone or through a click on the digital camera.

Photographs are the treasures of our life, it images a beautiful moment which cannot be recreated. The emergence of the smartphone has made it very easy to capture the moments that matter to you. It might be the photos of your children, holiday or vacation snaps, wedding or festive occasions etc.

No one is interested in investing their time and money in the tiresome and costly efforts to print the photos that they capture. Most of our photos are stored digitally on phones and computers. Have you ever thought of what would happen if the technology failed or if arise a data loss? All the effort of capturing the entire memory goes in vain.

Photographers can document the moment in time and freeze it for generations to come. Photos remind us of people, events, holiday season, or the beauty of a place.

Although new camera and smartphone technology can help keep your images safe, accidents can happen, such as accidental content deletion or even lose your device or it could become irreparably damaged. Since anything could happen at any time, you should take action regularly to preserve your digital photos.

The rise of smartphones has contributed to record-breaking increases in the number of photos being taken each year. The way we take photos has changed radically. With the advent of smartphones and instant sharing, many have abandoned the traditional camera in favour of phones and tablets. It’s extremely easy to take out your phone and get a quick snap. In today’s digital age people stopped printing their photos in favour of storing them digitally in computers, phones and in the cloud.

But, how many of you have the guarantee that the photos which are stored digitally are safe?

Print photos are on the decreasing trend because people nowadays prefer digital copies than physical copies, which lead to a risk of human error and technical faults which leads to losing a lifetime of memories.

So, how can we preserve our memories for future generations? Here are some top tips for keeping photos harmless long beyond the life of your smartphone.

  1. Have a professional photo shoot: A Professional photoshoot helps in gaining photos with a professional and unique touch, which can become a treasure for a lifetime.
  2. Go old school: Printing the whole set of photos might not be a good option. But printing your most important and unique photos is a good way to ensure you have got a physical backup if everything goes wrong with your data situation.
  3. Keep multiple backups: For the photos, you care about the most, keep multiple backups – one on your phone, in the cloud, and a physical print. This gives you several protections against disastrous data loss.

How to protect your Digital Photos?

  1. Memory cards are of great help, uploading your memory cards (from your smartphone and/or digital camera) onto your computer helps to secure your photographs.
  2. Store your content on a cloud. Cloud storage allows you to store and access your data over the Internet. The primary benefits of using cloud storage include security and backup (protected against fire, power outages, natural disasters, and even armed assault), access ie; you can access your photos on any device and sharing. Amgrapher provides cloud-based services for photographers to store their valuable clicks safely and securely for the future.
  3. Keep copies of your photographs on an external hard drive and enable password protection for security.

People take pictures for two reasons: sharing and for memory. In the digital era, the digital lives present the perfect opportunity to give these old memories a new phase of life, enabling them to be conserved for future generations and to share more easily among friends and family members. So, capture and memorize your life events through photographs. Keep, protect and share the valuable and unforeseen photos and they would live forever.


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