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Leica M10-P

Photography Equipment

  • 25 Oct, 2018
  • 129

A  little over a year ago, Leica introduced the M10 rangefinder camera. It brought a huge upgrade and image quality to a format that’s known for its functionality and aesthetic. It encourages you to take your time and compose your shots thoughtfully. The M10 P is built on the Leica Maestro II Processor featuring a 24MP CMOS sensor which matches the original specs of the M10. The big difference here is the touchscreen LCD. Being a fully manual system, a touchscreen might feel modern, but it’s all in the name of checking your focus and getting you shot absolutely right. 
There is also now a built-in level gauge which will come in handy for landscape shots. There are some subtle changes around the camera and under the hood. Inside there is a completely redesigned mechanical system making it nearly silent. It is great for unobtrusive street photography.


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