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India and Travel Photography


  • 25 Oct, 2018
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India, the land of gods, is a place which always attracts photographers, it a place where they can hone their photography skills. Every street you visit you will experience a new culture in India, it’s the land of diversity.

A travel photographer documents the people cultures, landscapes, streets etc. For travel photographers, India has always been an interesting subject to study. The frames that they shoot will always portrait the colourful elements and the Indian diversity
As a travel photographer, he/she should be good with all the genres of photography like street photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, nature/wildlife photography etc. It is necessary to have the basic knowledge in all the aforesaid categories because you might not know the next moment or the next assignment that catches your eye or going to shoot as a travel photographer.

There is a say in India, that to know India's culture and diversity, one should travel from Kanyakumari to Kashmir (i.e.; from south to north) on a train’s local compartment. You will see how the landscape changes, the people changes and their changes in behaviour.

Some of the basics requirements for a travel photographer visiting India to explore and shoot the exemplary images from India are;

  1. People person: In India, the travel photographer should be the one who enjoys or in good at being around people to shoot a better frame. Here, you will see people taking photos of yours as well. They are friendly and they will help you to find better frames.
  2. Gears: Use multi-purpose gears to shoot, because in India you will see the scope for photography in each and every corner. The gears that you carry should be adaptable for portrait, street, architectural, landscape and nature photography. Also, carry multiple charged batteries and an Indian 3 pin or a 2 pin travel adapter to charge your camera.
  3. Wake up early: Most of the Indian cities and villages provide you with better sceneries and stories during the morning.
  4. Do research: If you are planning to shoot any known places, you might get stock photos online so try to get out of the beaten path and try for a new angle to shoot there which brings uniqueness in you.
  5. Feel it:  More than just travelling if you start enjoying, India will take you through its culture, food, its traditional markets, music etc.. So feeling and understanding these elements will help you to bring the exact essence in every image that you take.


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