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Grip Gear Movie Maker 2: World’s Smallest Camera Motion Control Rig

Photography Equipment

  • 27 Sep, 2018
  • 186

The Grip gear movie maker 2 is an updated version of video slider. It is the world’s smallest camera motion control rig. Which is designed exclusively for smartphones, action cameras and compact cameras. This mini video slider can occupy the camera up to 1.7 pounds. The slider includes two 12 inch track pieces and can be developed by purchasing additional tracks. It allows you to capture different angles of the staircase, slider short and cinematic images. With a motorized function, it performs all function with a push of a button and provides an opportunity to capture amazing photos without much effort. The rig has modular control helps to make an easier slide for good shot and it also has a detachable motor. By attaching the motor to the track you will be able to automatically control the grip gear movie maker from its bundled controller. The remote has 4 buttons 2 for speed and 2 for direction by this we can adjust the movement, once the motor ends in the rail it automatically moves to the opposite direction. The motor can also be placed on the smooth surface where we can take  360 degree angles. Thus the new Grip gear movie maker is more easy to use, help to portrait more attractive images.


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