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Career in Photography


  • 02 Oct, 2018
  • 253

Do you want to outshine in the photography industry? Are you serious about building your career in the world of photography?

If you are seriously thinking to build your career as a photographer, just posting your valuable clicks on Instagram or on any other social media platforms doesn't make much sense. Likes and comments are not the ones which describe your calibre, a career-oriented photographer should focus on the ways through which one gets noticed. You should always think about placing yourselves unique from others.
Photographers think that if they make great works clients will come flocking, the only way to make business is to get your work in front of those people who hire or look out for photographers. So, how to showcase yourself in front of others in a decent way. Let's explore:

Build a Portfolio.

Without a portfolio, you are going to have a hard time getting hired. There arises a question in every employer’s mind that “Why should you be hired?”
You need to prove yourself and the abilities you owe to any potential client. A portfolio is a unique opportunity for you to present your work so that the potential clients could easily understand your capabilities and skills.
How to build a potential portfolio? Amgrapher, a social media platform exclusively for photographers to help you to build a potential portfolio in such a manner that will help you to showcase yourself in a unique and impressive manner. You can create a portfolio page as well a portfolio website through Amgrapher’s Amweb.

Contests and Competitions.

Contests are a way of value addition which helps to curate your best works from others. Participating in contests and competitions are another way to expose your clicks and get social exposure. Contests help in getting your work graded, and can also help in knowing where you stand. Enter into photography contests and competition to develop your calibre and to gain the experience to become a better photographer. Amgrapher acts as a platform to gain a better chance for the photographers to participate in various photo contests and to expose the photographs to a wide network of photographers.

Invest in Yourself:

Are you looking for a great way to increase your knowledge and skills in a short period of time, the workshop is what you are looking for. These workshops help you to renew your passion for photography. Workshops differ on the basis of who is teaching, and the goal of the workshop. Sharing knowledge and experience with like-minded people enable you to become a better photographer.

Invest in Gear:

We always hear, it’s not the gear, it’s the photographer and it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer, certainly the photographer matters but the gear matters too… We can never consider the gear as an unimportant factor because every photographer needs very specific and expensive gear to make that shot inspiring. One of the tips while choosing a gear are:
Stick to the camera manufacturer for the lenses and flashes, so as to avoid distortion, off-camera triggering systems etc.

Act like a Professional:

If not, no one will hire you, why should they? First and foremost, pick your business name, and have a professional website, professional domain name and professional email address. Build your own website. Owning a website is the best way to organise your work, and keep it appealing to impress the prospective clients. Your website helps you to build your brand by showcasing the best of your work, by providing all the information that anyone needs to know about you.

Amgrapher is the best platform and a key for all needs of photographers, like website building, networking, attending workshops and meetups, contests etc.  So, what are you looking for, build your brand in photography and raise up to the world of images.


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