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Black And White Photography


  • 23 Jan, 2019
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For nearly an era, photography existed only in black and white but after the advent of color film, most photographers left black and white photography to the fine art photographers. Today, the photographers has re-discovered the simple beauty of the monochrome image. Black and white photographs is a study of light, shadow and form which offer the classic power and grace unavailable with color pictures. To click the best photos, look for gentle light with endless detail and shades of gray.



If you’ve never tried, but interested in black and white photography get the tips to help you improve your pictures.
1. Choose a shooting format
The first and foremost thing to be considered in black and white photography is choosing a shooting format and knowing what will work well as a monochrome image. We naturally see in color and not every scene will be appropriate.
2. Post processing black and white images
Color pictures could be converted to black and white photographs through all major photo processing programs. 
3. Simplify and refine
One of the most prominent qualities of black and white photography is its ability to simplify a scene. 


4. Seek out light and contrast
Light and contrast is one important factor to be considered in capturing black and white photographs. A scene that might seem too contrasty and bright in color can be perfect for black and white. Remember, a black and white image is simply a collection of gray tones, from the very brightest (pure white) to the darkest (pure black). When you’re shooting with black and white in mind, look out for contrasts in light and shade.
5. Look for textures
Texture is a vital element in black and white imagery, where it provide us with tonal contrast and relay depth to the viewer by something interesting and inciting to view. An interesting texture that’s lit straight on can become a very dull photo. However, add some raking sidelight and it can be a totally different matter.
6. Composition
A strong composition is even more vital in black and white photography than in color images. Composition elements such as the golden ratio and leading lines should be used while composing your image. These elements help attract viewers in and keep their interest in the absence of color.



In the world of color, sometimes you just can’t beat a strong black and white image. Black and white photography can be an wonderful tool to convey a mood, story, or statement to your viewers. A black and white imagery when taken appropriately presents a much stronger impact than a color photograph.




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